Pitching my pitch gets closer

For freelance writers like me, with a strong journalism background, one of the areas I’ve wanted to learn more about and give a good try is story pitching.

Instead of having an editor assign stories, the writer tries to convince an editor they should publish or post a story. As a reporter, I would often actually pitch story ideas to my editor. But one main difference was those stories often resulted from some event or news release I read that morning. And since stories, or content, is what newspapers, TV stations and any other news outlet need to survive, it wasn’t too hard to get my editor to say “go do it, Mike.” đź‘Ť

As a freelancer, I don’t have that relationship with an editor. I get asked by clients to do this story or that story, Continue reading “Pitching my pitch gets closer”

A quick but long side trip

Going above and beyond or the extra yard are clichĂ©s for doing something beyond expectations. But I’ve always thought every clichĂ© stems from some truth. So maybe there should be a better, more positive, word than “clichĂ©.”

This past month or so had me stepping outside my routine when it comes to writing stories. It was kind of a mixed bag of results. Yet I’m glad I did it. Continue reading “A quick but long side trip”

(I am getting some) Satisfaction

Mick and the boys might have a hard time finding fulfillment and maybe a little contentment, but I have to say this year still seems headed forward in a good direction.

Several freelance writing assignments have kept me busy over the last few months, some of them even kind of fell into my lap. After the last few years, it’s nice to finally have people recognize your abilities and ask you to work for them.

Not that I’m getting rich, but I’m making enough to keep me comfortably afloat for my current situation. Continue reading “(I am getting some) Satisfaction”

Lessons, lessons, more lessons

Whoever said life is a learning experience (or something like that) was dead on.

Over the last month or so, I’ve had to learn — and relearn — some lessons about how I approach writing, job searching and other demands on my time and effort. Like most people, I have some good results, others not so much. And like most, it’s the latter that teach me the most. Continue reading “Lessons, lessons, more lessons”

#WeekendCoffeeShare 4/16/16

Friends FingersIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you the last few weeks have been interesting. I know that may sound like a boring word to you, but from my perspective, it fits.

I’ve started learning, at a beginning level, what working at a library might be like. So far, my volunteering has focused mainly on arranging and stacking books and DVDs on the shelves after they’ve been returned. And, man, do people love to Continue reading “#WeekendCoffeeShare 4/16/16”