Pitching my pitch gets closer

For freelance writers like me, with a strong journalism background, one of the areas I’ve wanted to learn more about and give a good try is story pitching.

Instead of having an editor assign stories, the writer tries to convince an editor they should publish or post a story. As a reporter, I would often actually pitch story ideas to my editor. But one main difference was those stories often resulted from some event or news release I read that morning. And since stories, or content, is what newspapers, TV stations and any other news outlet need to survive, it wasn’t too hard to get my editor to say “go do it, Mike.” 👍

As a freelancer, I don’t have that relationship with an editor. I get asked by clients to do this story or that story, Continue reading “Pitching my pitch gets closer”

Urban wildlife a life reminder

It seems like common sense, doesn’t it?

You live in a small town, where fewer people should mean more wildlife, right?

Well, I’m often witness to situations or just animal sightings here in the Denver, Colorado, area that I never saw in my two decades or so of living in a city of around 10,000.

Case in point happened the other day. Finches have made their nests Continue reading “Urban wildlife a life reminder”

Public lands transfer movement watched closely

Forest 1There has been a growing awareness and attention paid in recent months to a movement among many Western states to transfer millions of acres of federally owned public lands to the states.

The American Lands Council, based in Utah, is leading the effort, arguing that it would improve public access, generate more economic growth and better protect the environment. The group cites the fact that most public lands in the Eastern part of the country are locally managed, but not in the Western states, as they say the U.S. Constitution requires and America’s founders intended. Continue reading “Public lands transfer movement watched closely”

Roan Plateau settlement: Final or not? Who won? Who lost?

Roan Plateau RainbowThe Roan Plateau, in a way, is the best of both worlds. And therein lies the problem.

Rising about 3,500 feet above Rifle and Parachute in Western Colorado, with the Colorado River near its base, the plateau is rich in both energy and natural resources. The plateau and surrounding lands may hold about 15.4 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable natural gas on federal, state and private lands.
Conflicts arise over the use of the more than 73,000 acres of lands on and around the Roan because Continue reading “Roan Plateau settlement: Final or not? Who won? Who lost?”