Goal reached, mojo back

Reaching a goal, especially one you had in mind for a while, is a fulfilling and — in my case hopefully rewarding — experience. Over parts of March and April, I took part in a six-week online Freelance Writers Bootcamp. I wrote about it a few months ago when it had just started.

After finishing the online course, I felt my mojo has fallen back in place. My motivation, which never entirely left me over the last few years, was back. The knowledge I gained reminded me again of how much I enjoy being a lifelong learner and opening my mind to new possibilities.

I now know the process of story pitching, including Continue reading “Goal reached, mojo back”

I dig digging in to find a story

Truth be told, I never found writing breaking news stories that hard. You’re really just telling what happened where and, if possible, why. It’s an important role for a journalist but it never really lit a fire under me.

Not so with most of the stories I’ve written over the last several years. As a freelancer, I get to pick and choose the stories I write. My clients are not interested in breaking news, although some probably wouldn’t turn it down if I learned of something that merited immediate coverage. They’re more interested in features and details, so I get to dig deeper and find an angle and a story.

My most recent case in point involves Continue reading “I dig digging in to find a story”

Ready for the next step

Optimism and growing motivation with a little touch of apprehension.

That may sum up my outlook towards my freelance writing career as a new year approaches. This year has been a pretty good one. I’ve stayed busy with writing projects and assignments, although I know it might have been better if I’d done more marketing and networking, getting my name out there some more.

I’m optimistic I have a good idea about where I want to go with my writing in the coming year. I’ve mentioned before on this site that my goal is to get a full-time work-at-home writing job so I can continue to enjoy the freedom and efficiencies of not commuting. I think this will continue to be the direction many professions move in the coming years. It just makes sense for employers and employees.

So I plan to seek out these opportunities next year, Continue reading “Ready for the next step”

Close to the boiling point

Screaming 1I’m going to scream.

I’ve learned a lot since I decided more than a year ago to make some personal and professional changes. Most of them have been hard lessons, a few were of the more palatable type.

But as I continue to look for the job that will move me forward into a new arena, I’m constantly running into SO MANY others like me. Continue reading “Close to the boiling point”

What’s going on with Denver housing costs, salaries?

I did not expect to be in the same place more than six months after moving across Colorado, back to my home town. I thought I’d be able to find a job that would allow me to either buy or rent a place in about half that time.
But this strange, out of control Denver economy fooled me.
I read with great interest every story about area home prices, apartment rental rates and how many jobs are being created in the metro area. Until recently, I thought the jobs stories were missing an important point: the vast majority of the jobs don’t pay enough Continue reading “What’s going on with Denver housing costs, salaries?”