Violence, prejudice leads to growing cynicism

Cops Shot 3I don’t think I have ever felt so cynical and disheartened about our country – indeed, our world – as I do now.

Every time some violent action causes mass casualties, I think “OK, maybe this is the one that changes things, changes people.” But it doesn’t. All it seems to do is lead to another, and another, and another. Each of them, in their own way, more horrific than the last one.

What kind of society goes on this way? Continue reading “Violence, prejudice leads to growing cynicism”

Change: the big and small struggles of life

Road to change

Almost daily, it seems, I’m amazed at how change is such a huge part of life. I guess I shouldn’t be, since change happens when the sun rises and sets each day. We are one day older each day than we were the day before.

We make change a big thing when we react to it, too. And a lot of times, that reaction isn’t all that positive. From political campaigns to our seemingly insignificant personal lives, when we see something have a different outcome, or hear or read something someone said that seems almost out of the blue, it’s change we’re seeing.

Change can be a good thing, sometimes even a very good thing. But maybe only for you or me. Continue reading “Change: the big and small struggles of life”

#WeekendCoffeeShare 5/7/16

Coffee Sharing sayingIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you that our TV may be sentient. Really.
Well, OK, not really. But for the last week or two, almost like clockwork, it has been turning itself off and back on. We don’t touch the remotes, and it was always doing this little trick at nearly the same time every night. I mean within minutes.

TV 2Believe it or not, this isn’t totally unusual. When I looked up the problem online, I came across many such questions. Some were about the same brand, but others were involved as well. We are supposed to have it repaired early next week, and it’s likely something such as a faulty capacitor. So don’t expect me to tell you in a week or two that our TV has started branching out and is turning the lights on and off, or starting the oven or coffee pot. But it’s been something different, that’s for sure.

Story telling 8If we were having coffee, I’d also talk about getting several freelance writing assignments over the last 3-4 weeks from the only client I have that pays real money. They pretty much came out of the blue, and they seemed to come together better than usual. College students getting ready to graduate are usually too busy to return phone calls, but several did. So it was fun getting those stories out the door.

Lawn 1
Not our lawn

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you to always watch out if you have someone do any major work for you. The company that does all but the mowing of our lawn (my job) messed up. They power raked and aerated the lawn on a day when it was raining and even snowing. So the equipment didn’t rake up the dead grass, it just left it on top. And their are indented tracks where they turned the equipment to do the next row. Maybe we should have told them to skip it, but don’t you think a longtime lawn care company should have know better, too?

Tequila's 050116If we were having coffee, I’d recount a very nice visit with a good friend from the other side of the state and her daughter. I hadn’t seen them since last summer, so we had a chance to get caught up and enjoy a meal. They’re supposed to be coming back over at the end of the month, so I hope we have more time together. Visiting and socializing is something I don’t do as much of as I used to, just because I’m job searching and not employed full time. Plus there are things I have to take care of around here. So anyway, a good time.

Looks like my cup is about out, guess that’s all for now. It was good to catch up, take care and see you soon.

What’s up with luck?

I came within less than three points of winning my first fantasy football league championship this year. I even led through most, maybe all, of the last game. Until overtime and a field goal left me again in second place.

One thing I realized some time ago about fantasy football: it’s nearly all luck.

You can do all  the number crunching and trend listing you want, but you can’t control how one player will perform that day. Heck, a key player could be injured in the first quarter and you can’t swap him out for another one.

Which got me thinking about what makes some people appear lucky and others unlucky. Continue reading “What’s up with luck?”

We don’t need stuff like Talib’s eye gouging, Miller’s choking

I don’t think I’ve ever been as upset and angry at a Denver Bronco in my life.

If you’re a fan, you know what I’m talking about. Toward the end of a close game on Sunday (Nov. 8), with the outcome somewhat in doubt, cornerback Aqib Talib apparently became confused about what sport he was playing and very deliberately poked an Indianapolis Colt player, TE Dwayne Allen, in the eye. As is usual in this day and age, it was caught on tape and replayed immediately after Talib was flagged for a personal foul that gave the Colts another shot at clinching the game.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Continue reading “We don’t need stuff like Talib’s eye gouging, Miller’s choking”