Violence, prejudice leads to growing cynicism

Cops Shot 3I don’t think I have ever felt so cynical and disheartened about our country – indeed, our world – as I do now.

Every time some violent action causes mass casualties, I think “OK, maybe this is the one that changes things, changes people.” But it doesn’t. All it seems to do is lead to another, and another, and another. Each of them, in their own way, more horrific than the last one.

What kind of society goes on this way? Continue reading “Violence, prejudice leads to growing cynicism”

Change: the big and small struggles of life

Road to change

Almost daily, it seems, I’m amazed at how change is such a huge part of life. I guess I shouldn’t be, since change happens when the sun rises and sets each day. We are one day older each day than we were the day before.

We make change a big thing when we react to it, too. And a lot of times, that reaction isn’t all that positive. From political campaigns to our seemingly insignificant personal lives, when we see something have a different outcome, or hear or read something someone said that seems almost out of the blue, it’s change we’re seeing.

Change can be a good thing, sometimes even a very good thing. But maybe only for you or me. Continue reading “Change: the big and small struggles of life”

I know, I know: Just write it already, right?

OK, I need to start paying attention to my calendar reminders. I mean, they’re there for a reason, right?

It’s hard to believe it was a month ago that I last posted something here. Not that I’ve been slacking or sleeping in.Procrastination 2 (Well, maybe a few days. But only after I had been extra busy. I swear.) I’ve been using the past month to do a couple of things. Continue reading “I know, I know: Just write it already, right?”

Writing can be a pain in the neck (and back, and wrists, and…)

Whatever profession you choose, there are downsides. The goal is to choose one you’re good at and enjoy enough to put up with those bothersome, even unhealthy, consequences.

For a writer such as myself, carpal tunnel syndrome (which I have not inflicted on myself to this point) may be the most prevalent health-related concern. Not to mention monetarily. If I can’t type or write, it might be “Hello, welcome to WalMart” for the rest of my working career.

But I hope I’ve taken action to help lessen the pain in the neck sitting for hours in front of this computer screen can cause by cobbling together a stand-up computer desk.

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“Who” is what matters: Good or bad?

The worlds of sports and news, news and sports, seem to be more and more blurred. Whether something is a sports or news story is just one more thing that’s changed over the last several decades.

I’m not quite old enough to remember when sports writers would refrain from running certain stories that put a popular owner or player in a bad light. At least that’s what I’ve read was the case back in the “good ol’ days,” before we became a nation of information gluttons. As one who was schooled and taught Continue reading ““Who” is what matters: Good or bad?”