Woo hoo! I’m a dot-com, too!

What I mean is the name of my freelance writing and editing efforts is now what some have told me is official for an online business entity.

Notice anything different? Me neither, but it feels kind of good. If you haven’t figured it out yet, McKibbin’s Scribblin’s is now a website instead of a blog. Yep, I finally ponied up (a very affordable amount, actually) to take the WordPress name off my URL. Now it’s just mckibbinsscribblins.com.

No need to change your bookmarks, unless you want to. The old address gets you here. I’ve also recently added several pages to hopefully explain what services and expertise I offer as a freelancer. Check them out, they’re listed above. I’ll be adding more — hopefully — as I learn new skills and tweak my storytelling and writing skills.

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A little different thinking can be a good thing

Growth and change are two universal constants, no matter where you live, what you do or aspire to be in your life.

At least that’s what I’ve come to believe over the years, as my life has ebbed and flowed through good times and bad times. When it comes to one personal constant – this, putting words together to form coherent thoughts – I like to think I’ve grown and changed, too. Hopefully for the better.

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I know, I know: Just write it already, right?

OK, I need to start paying attention to my calendar reminders. I mean, they’re there for a reason, right?

It’s hard to believe it was a month ago that I last posted something here. Not that I’ve been slacking or sleeping in.Procrastination 2 (Well, maybe a few days. But only after I had been extra busy. I swear.) I’ve been using the past month to do a couple of things. Continue reading “I know, I know: Just write it already, right?”

Public lands transfer movement watched closely

Forest 1There has been a growing awareness and attention paid in recent months to a movement among many Western states to transfer millions of acres of federally owned public lands to the states.

The American Lands Council, based in Utah, is leading the effort, arguing that it would improve public access, generate more economic growth and better protect the environment. The group cites the fact that most public lands in the Eastern part of the country are locally managed, but not in the Western states, as they say the U.S. Constitution requires and America’s founders intended. Continue reading “Public lands transfer movement watched closely”