Maybe I beat the system, or the system is wrong

Nightmare 1At times over the last few years, it has seemed I’ve been stuck in place, even living a personal nightmare of sorts.

But I’ve finally managed to dig myself out and get headed in what I hope will be a positive professional direction once again. Some, maybe even a lot of, people may not think it’s a bright move to be a reporter or journalist these days, but it’s still what I aspire to be after all my years at a couple of newspapers.

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If we were having coffee…

Blogging 3Although my adult life has revolved around writing (at least job-related), I’ve often let my postings on this blog lag. Sometimes for much too long. As others have said, writing is a muscle that must be used or it atrophies.

Oftentimes, I put off posting because the daily grind of finding the next step in my career has been too time consuming, frustrating or depressing. When you put yourself out there so many times and get nothing but rejection – or worse, silence – it takes a toll.

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Dump the draft coverage, give us more Tebow

For many fans of the NFL, this may be the second most exciting time of year, behind only the start of the regular season or watching the Super Bowl.

But, like a lot of what the NFL does, it’s overdone.

Yes, the annual college player draft is important for every team. Getting good, young players who can help make your team better is crucial to success. All the homework, film (although it’s not really film, Continue reading “Dump the draft coverage, give us more Tebow”