The work (and journey) goes on

It’s not that I’ve been avoiding writing here (well, OK, maybe sometimes😉) but I’ve been pretty busy over the last several months. For instance, I’ve had several assignments from two clients, did some updates to this website, revised my resume and started to research essay writing as a possible new skill.

Then I’ve had some personal business to take care of and got my two shots of COVID-19 vaccines that aren’t really vaccines. (At least that’s what I recall reading in the forms I had to review and sign to get my shots. It was something about the emergency use authorization. Legalese, I guess.🤔 I think everyone saw the same form.)

At any rate, I’ve kept busy. My spirits were boosted by the work from those two clients, one of which is under new management and seems open to increasing the amount of work I do for them. That’s always good news. The second has been a steady customer, although not in quantity. But I knew that going into our arrangement. And this one just agreed to slightly boost my rate, so that’s good news.

I like the work I’m doing for both, another plus. You can check out some of those assignments on my portfolio page via the menu at the top of this page.

Writing keyboard

Essay writing can be similar to writing newspaper columns, something I’m very familiar with in my career. As part of my site updates, I did a quick review of every blog post I’ve written over the past seven years and some of those could be called essays. I need to do some more research into it, as websites are looking for that writing style. So we’ll see how this develops.

By the way, I removed about a dozen of my earlier blog posts, in case you wanted to reread something from back in the day. Some of them were very outdated, others were missing links or didn’t fit what this site has become. Not that the writing was bad, IMHO, they just didn’t seem to be worth saving any longer.

Looking back through those posts, my journey has been a long one that might be better if I had more positive steps and results. There have been some, but as I posted some time back, my goal is to find a full-time, work-at-home writing job that pays a decent wage. Ideally, it would be one I could do from any location.

That limits my search options somewhat, as do current family obligations that I’m happy to be able to help address. So with those two factors, I think I’m doing OK as a freelancer and pleased to be at this point. Not as well as some others I read about on Twitter, but I’ve also come to realize some of my limitations. There are some new-found skills I’ve added, too.

It’s also encouraging to read about how the coronavirus-caused economic shutdown led some businesses to realize how well their employees functioned working from home and plan to continue that setup as things improve. I’m hopeful that will increase my chances for that full-time, home-based job.

So it’s onward again, to see how and where things develop in my writing and reporting career. If you’ve been with me for a while on this journey, thanks for the company. I’m glad you’ve stuck with me.

Let’s see what’s straight ahead and around the next bend, shall we?

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