Now I know what a ‘triune’ is. Will I use it? Hmmm.🤔

Meeting people and learning something new are two things I like best about writing and reporting. I have been fortunate to have had a career that didn’t get too focused on any one subject, although many in the freelance arena argue that a niche is a key to success.

At any rate, the other day I was reminded of the joy of learning something new. And in this case, it dealt with something I use every day — a word!

My chiropractor has a few posters on the walls of his patient rooms and one has to do with what sounds like something out of Eastern philosophy. It lists how certain things in our lives, certain practices, thoughts, feeling, etc. can cause our bodies to get out of sync and lead to things like aches and pains. In other words, if we bring those things in line and keep tabs on them, take care of our inner and outer selves, we might feel better and avoid the things that bring people like me to a chiropractor.

I’ve long felt that makes sense. If you can avoid the causes of something — instead of just masking the effects with medicine — that affects you negatively, you will feel and act more positively. I try to follow that process; sometimes I do well, other times not so much. Like everyone else, right?

Anyway, this poster had a couple of sentences that included the word “triune.” Now, the font they used on the poster was a little hard to read. It was kind of a cross between cursive and fonts like the one you are reading now. So I wasn’t sure if the word had a “u” or a “v” in it.

toys letters pay play
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I am a wordsmith, so knowing what words mean and how to use them is kind of important, right? I had to admit this one didn’t ring a bell. Well, when the doctor walked in to start my treatment, I asked him what the word was and he thought it had something to do with threes. That kind of spurred something in the back of my mind. Still, I had to look it up on

Triune (try-yoon) – adjective; three in one; constituting a trinity in unity, as the Godhead.

Noun (initial capital letter); the Trinity.

Merriam-Webster used this from the New York Times as a more recent example of its usage:

But good luck with that against Brady, head of a New England triune quarterback panel that has not thrown an interception in its first 249 throws of the season. — David White, New York Times, “N.F.L. Schedule: Who We Think Will Win in Week 10,” 11 Nov. 2016

So there you go. Even though the Times used it, I’m not sure if it is a word I will be incorporating into the kind of writing and reporting I do. But it’s something I now know. And you do, too.

You’re welcome.

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