(I am getting some) Satisfaction

Mick and the boys might have a hard time finding fulfillment and maybe a little contentment, but I have to say this year still seems headed forward in a good direction.

Several freelance writing assignments have kept me busy over the last few months, some of them even kind of fell into my lap. After the last few years, it’s nice to finally have people recognize your abilities and ask you to work for them.

Not that I’m getting rich, but I’m making enough to keep me comfortably afloat for my current situation. If things continue to move in a positive direction, who knows? I should take some time and refresh my knowledge on how to move things forward to clients who pay well, though.

My only concern is that these assignments are all time consuming, so I haven’t had time  — or motivation I admit  —  to keep applying for full-time employment. And I probably need to broaden that search a bit.

Another positive part of these recent assignments is they are all pretty interesting and fun to research. That’s something I really hope to always have and had earlier in my career.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

People say the best jobs are fun and that’s usually been the case. I’ve always enjoyed meeting people, learning their stories and then telling those stories in the best way possible. The immediate feedback I get on these assignments has been very positive, just like my earlier positions in the newspaper field. So I continue to do something right, right?

Since the end of last year, I seem to be doing some things that are working. And I’m picking up a few things here and there to better use my time to help generate more work. Hopefully.

I have had to give up a couple of good networking groups in order to meet  — or exceed, in a couple of cases  — my deadlines. Not meeting new people, and continuing to establish stronger professional relationships with ones I have met at these events, is unfortunate. But getting stories done early has always been something I’m proud of accomplishing. And I firmly believe it leaves a positive impression on clients.

I have an ultimate goal career-wise, and there’s still work and learning to do. I know if I apply myself a little more, it can happen.  It’s just a matter of time.

Hmm, like Mick and the Stones, I guess I could say time is (or seems to be) on my side, so this is not the last time I get to write about my satisfaction toward reaching my goal.

I don’t know.

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