Might have found a path again

I used to walk a lot. Really liked it, too. I was fortunate to live and work within a half mile, so it seemed to be a natural thing to do every day.

When I moved across Colorado to the way too-crowded Front Range and Denver, I didn’t have the same chance. So you could say I kind of lost my way on the path of my life. That applied to where I was trying to go professionally and personally as well.

Fast forward about three years to today and it feels like I may have found a path again. I’m still not walking as much as I did before the big move, but things seems to be getting on track otherwise. After years of increasing pain in my neck and shoulders, I lucked into a chiropractor who isn’t tied in so tightly with what I call the
“twist-and-jerk” school, where they pin you down in some weird position and then jerk your neck or head.

Nothing against those who have successfully treated many people that way, but Chiropractor treating patient 170624I could never seem to relax enough to the point where it did any good. I mean, you’re going to do what to my neck??? No, thanks. But that’s not what this guy does, or at least not very often. And it seems to have made a big difference in lessening my neck pain, which seems to have improved my overall mood and outlook.

That, in turn, means I’m not stressing or worrying nearly as much about where I am in life. As I wrote last time, the Colorado Statesman was bought out and is all but gone. That meant I was basically unemployed again, since you can never count on freelance income as a steady thing. At least for me, who likely hasn’t done enough marketing and self-promotion to make it really work.

But that’s also because I want to find something more permanent, with the usual benefits and such. And this last week, I made a breakthrough of sorts. I made it past the HR phone screen and am now supposed to have a personal interview for an editing position with a big real estate company. So that makes me think I’m starting to get on the right professional path again, too.

I was also encouraged after visiting with a good friend from my pre-Denver move days and she’s doing well after what seemed like decades of struggling. That showed me if you keep at it, you can get where you want to go.

And I’ve been helping with a backyard improvement project that gives me a sense of contribution and achievement as well. So if I take all these things together, life isn’t too bad, you know? I’ve been blessed to have family and friends who are supportive, I’m in good health overall, my finances could be better but I’m not in debt.

About the only thing missing is walking. But then again, maybe I have been moving along just fine, thank you very much.

(Courtesy Creative Commons)
(Courtesy Creative Commons)

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