Conquering this writing challenge

Blogging 1It’s not like I haven’t been writing since my last post (in August, really that long???). Since I resumed my journalistic career, the stories have flowed. But since they’re all political or local stories, I didn’t think they would make good blog material. I know others probably disagree and love to argue politics. As an old-school journalist, though, I hope my stories don’t tend one way or another. I’ve prided myself on others telling me they thought my stories were fair and balanced.

So conquering this blogging challenge has included taking a few steps back, catching my breath and now bravely moving forward in a new direction. And trying to conquer that challenge has been invigorating, although it’s only been at the forefront of my daily activities for a short time.

Trying once again to move my career in a new direction is daunting, but I have others in my corner and a real plan that seems like something I can rely on to help keep me moving forward and conquering the tendency I think most people have of wanting to be comfortable. Challenges, at least those worth mounting, mean change and that’s uncomfortable. But once you have a good idea of what direction to go and the benefits to realize, it’s something worth pursuing.

So many things can conspire against a goal. Life, for one. Someone in your immediate family can develop a serious health problem or even pass away suddenly. You can have financial troubles that mean you have to take a second job right now or risk losing your home. In worst-case scenario cases like that, you likely have to put conquering your challenge on hold.

Other times something happens that just diverts your attention and puts things on hold for a short time. Then you can jump back in, if possible, and pick up where you left off. You need a little stick-to-it in your soul to make that happen.

To keep moving forward, you need to be dedicated to your goals and able to overcome obstacles as they surface. I guess that’s life, right?

So here we go. It’s time – really past time – to conquer this challenge.

One thought on “Conquering this writing challenge

  1. I’m just a year into blogging on a regular basis. I try to write 2 posts a week. On the other days I try to “give” to fellow bloggers some encouragement. It is difficult to find a space here, an audience that wants to really read what one has to say. Stick with it! For me I have a cause and so I compelled. I try to be as true as I can be though and not prostitute my writing in any way.

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