What really runs our lives

Trento-Mercatino_dei_Gaudenti-alarm_clocksWhere would we be without clocks? Anarchy, most likely. Maybe not even here.

As someone who’s professional career has been dominated by deadlines, I’ve grown so accustomed to getting things done on time I don’t really think about it that much.

But aside from a profession, I’d venture to say everything we do is governed by clocks. We meet someone at a certain time, we plan our entertainment to meet TV, movie, sporting events or concert start times. We plan to be somewhere at a certain time and we look at a clock to see how much time we have to get there.

Czech-2013-Prague-Astronomical_clock_faceDo a search for the invention of clocks and you get several links to different possible answers, including this one. Or this one. But did the inventors of clocks really realize how all-encompassing their idea would be? I’d say of course not. Since no one can predict the future, how would anyone know?

There are clocks everywhere, even on our phones. Every room in a house likely has at least one clock. Are we really that worried about losing track of time we need to have constant reminders? Isn’t it a good idea to “lose track” of time every once in a while? Go hike up a mountain by yourself and just sit and lose yourself in the quiet and splendor that is this lovely planet.

After you do that, look at your watch and see what time the clock says it is, so you know if you can be where you need to be on time. According to the clock.

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3 thoughts on “What really runs our lives

  1. I imagine life changed pretty radically after the invention of the clock, and even more after the advents of time zones and the atomic clock, so that we’re ever-more precise in how we tell time.


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