A more organized mind and life helps keep me going

Gettings things done 2When you don’t have to be somewhere or do something, you can get things accomplished.

Sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but I’ve found there’s some truth there, too. During down times in my what-seems-like-forever job search, I’ve been organizing stuff I’ve accumulated over my life. Some things I weed out, others I want to preserve and be able to get to them if and when needed.

That naturally brings back memories, some to my early teen years. Good times with friends and family, places I visited, things I accomplished. It’s easy to get lost in time (and lose track of time) when you get busy putting this part of your life in order, so I try to keep it to a minimum. But I’ve found it does give me a boost if I’m having a bad day.

I’ve also resumed – at least every now and then – one of my childhood pastimes. For those of you old enough to have played electric football, with the plastic players that went every which way but toward the end zone you wanted to go, football board games were probably also in the mix. Long before Madden and other video games, there was Paydirt.

Paydirt boxThe formerly Sports Illustrated-marketed game features every NFL team and you get to be the coach/QB and decide which plays to run and how to defend against the other team. It’s pretty realistic. My best friend growing up and I, my brothers and some other kids replayed an entire season, including playoffs and Super Bowl, one summer. I still have the results of every game and the season, along with the team charts, etc.

Since I moved almost two years ago, I reconnected with my friend and we played a couple of games with the latest charts.Paydirt pieces That reignited my enjoyment of Paydirt and the desire to better organize and preserve the charts I had accumulated over the years. So as I’ve been going through them, putting them in plastic protective sleeves and into 3-ring binders, my mind naturally drifts back. Good times.

I’ve also developed spread sheets for my music, books, memorabilia and other stuff. Mainly because I could, but also so I have a place to see what all (OK, some of it is junk) I have and maybe a few notes that makes it valuable to me. I guess it’s kind of like getting your life together, on a less-important scale than things like writing your will.

So I’ve gained a sense of accomplishment, which I’ve come to realize is important to me, especially when work-related accomplishments that had mostly filled my adult life are missing at the current time. Finding something to fill that hole has helped me feel at least a little better about where I am in life.


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