A more organized mind and life helps keep me going

Gettings things done 2When you don’t have to be somewhere or do something, you can get things accomplished.

Sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but I’ve found there’s some truth there, too. During down times in my what-seems-like-forever job search, I’ve been organizing stuff I’ve accumulated over my life. Some things I weed out, others I want to preserve and be able to get to them if and when needed.

That naturally brings back memories, some to my early teen years. Continue reading “A more organized mind and life helps keep me going”

Change: the big and small struggles of life

Road to change

Almost daily, it seems, I’m amazed at how change is such a huge part of life. I guess I shouldn’t be, since change happens when the sun rises and sets each day. We are one day older each day than we were the day before.

We make change a big thing when we react to it, too. And a lot of times, that reaction isn’t all that positive. From political campaigns to our seemingly insignificant personal lives, when we see something have a different outcome, or hear or read something someone said that seems almost out of the blue, it’s change we’re seeing.

Change can be a good thing, sometimes even a very good thing. But maybe only for you or me. Continue reading “Change: the big and small struggles of life”