If we were having coffee…

Blogging 3Although my adult life has revolved around writing (at least job-related), I’ve often let my postings on this blog lag. Sometimes for much too long. As others have said, writing is a muscle that must be used or it atrophies.

Oftentimes, I put off posting because the daily grind of finding the next step in my career has been too time consuming, frustrating or depressing. When you put yourself out there so many times and get nothing but rejection – or worse, silence – it takes a toll.

But I usually come around once again to the realization that I’m not alone in this search, this process. Lately, I’ve been meeting and talking to people (the dreaded networking process) that I have to admit has helped keep me moving forward and provided different views on what I’ve been doing in my search and what has worked for them.

Mike McKibbin

At first, I was hesitant, reluctant and pessimistic that this networking thing would bear any fruit. But I have to say it’s helped. I haven’t had any hot job leads from the new people I’ve met, but then that’s not how it’s supposed to work. You make connections, your new connection knows other people, they know others, etc. Hopefully, somehow, that will help all involved in their professional and/or personal journey.

In my case, though, I’m excited about two possible scenarios that might lead me out of the circle I’ve been in for more than a year. I’ve volunteered at our local library, a step many say can lead to job offers. That’s just what the guy in charge of volunteers at the library said had happened several times. I think I’d enjoy helping people find answers to their questions or solve some problem that helps make their lives a little better.

Career Change 3Another scenario resulted through some online networking with a Facebook group of former journalists, like myself, but who have successfully moved on to their plan B. I had a job lead from that group and now have an interview scheduled for a contract position as an associate investigator with a private investigation firm. A year ago, if you would have told me my background and skills could be used in the PI field, I’d have laughed. But several ex-journalists have done just that, so I’m excited at the possibility.

But I was also reminded through my networking to keep my eyes open and not end up in an uncomfortable situation where it just doesn’t feel good. (If you get my drift…) I’ve always been the cautious type, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

So I hope now that I seem to have found a couple of new directions to move, the itch and motivation to write more often will return. I’ve always been able to put words together well, it seems getting started has been the hardest part. Maybe my new outlook will reinvigorate my writing itch. I never lost it, it seems to have just been shunted aside for a while. I’ll be glad to see it move to the forefront again.

I hope you will, too.


3 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…

  1. Welcome to the coffee share!

    Good luck with the job search. I’m in the middle of one myself, so I know how tedious they can be, espeially for writers.


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