Moving on to a future requires a push now and then

Sometimes it’s good to get a little kick in the pants. All of us, at one time or another, get a little too complacent, a little too relaxed, just a little “too” for our own good.

Recharging our batteries, being reminded why we do what we do in our lives and careers, seeing successful, likable people getting recognized and appreciated, can get us back on track. Back to being committed parents, brothers, sisters, workers and quality people.

Staying on that track is the hard part. There are daily, even hourly, distractions and life events beyond our control that take us off course. Unfortunately,

some of us veer even further away from where we were and want to be. Sometimes it seems life is just against some people.

I know a couple of folks who fall into that category. They’re good people, but they keep getting slapped in the face by life. It can be on a personal or professional level, maybe something a stranger says on the elevator ride to the office. But dark forces seem to surround them.

Nightmare 1

Over the last year or so, I’ve had my fears that the dark side of life has invaded and gained a foothold in my life. I’ve been searching for my next career move, but as was recently pointed out to me – and it wasn’t anything I didn’t know already – what I’ve been doing hasn’t worked. The definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting things to turn out differently.

I can’t argue that that isn’t the picture I’ve been painting. In my defense, I believed what I tried to do was the best way forward. To an extent, I still do. But I’m willing to try a different approach, a different road to reach my goal. As they say, nothing in life is easy and this journey has not been one of wine and song. It hasn’t been a total loss, I have gained what I hope will be valuable experience in the days and months to come.

I’ve started to think a little differently and came up with a small step that might lead to bigger ones. We’ll see. Moving on from something – or someone – you loved is truly hard. Focusing on a future you want instead of what was, while you still hold out hope what you had before can be possible, requires a lot of will power and focus. Letting go and stepping forward may take time, but to grow as people we have to follow through.

It’s something some people seem to do with ease, although I’d wager no real life-changing decision is easy for anyone. Maybe to be a true hero in our own lives, we need to find the inner strength and resolve to stand tall, open our minds to different ideas, reach out for help if we need it, and gain the confidence to stride forward to reach our goals.

I’m excited to see how the process works, how I change my life, career and outlook for the better.

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