We don’t need stuff like Talib’s eye gouging, Miller’s choking

I don’t think I’ve ever been as upset and angry at a Denver Bronco in my life.

If you’re a fan, you know what I’m talking about. Toward the end of a close game on Sunday (Nov. 8), with the outcome somewhat in doubt, cornerback Aqib Talib apparently became confused about what sport he was playing and very deliberately poked an Indianapolis Colt player, TE Dwayne Allen, in the eye. As is usual in this day and age, it was caught on tape and replayed immediately after Talib was flagged for a personal foul that gave the Colts another shot at clinching the game.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Talib must have been 10 yards away from the verbal argument Allen and Broncos LB Von Miller were in that prompted Talib to suddenly think he was a professional wrestler. Or one of the Three Stooges (who didn’t actually jab each other in the eyes, BTW).

Tweet 1Tweet 2Tweet 3The thing about Talib is he did this after the whistle blew! It was a dead ball foul, the time when player’s minds apparently go blank and they just act out in any way they please. Then Talib drew a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct for what he said was clapping after a defensive holding penalty on teammate Danny Trevathan gave the Colts a first down to seal the win and the Broncos first loss of the season.

I don’t want these types of penalties, coach Gary Kubiak says he doesn’t want them. I’d be interested in hearing what defensive coordinator Wade Phillips has to say, but I don’t think anyone has talked to him. Personal fouls and the like have been an all-too-common occurrence in Broncos games this season, most committed by the defense. There’s a line between being aggressive and overly aggressive and it seems the Broncos have a hard time knowing the difference.

Wait, that’s not all…

Then shortly after the game, I saw a video on social media that seems to show Von Miller kneeing the throat of a Colts player who was on the ground! What the??? Now, I know there’s usually a reason players act out, something the opposing player or team did that the cameras don’t catch. That still doesn’t make deliberately hurting or maiming a player right.

I’m well aware football is a violent sport, something the players know and realize their bodies may suffer injuries if they choose to play. But these types of acts are just stupid, uncalled for and cannot be justified. (BTW, I’m still waiting to see if the Denver news media will even mention Miller’s apparent violent action, or if the NFL is even aware of it and might fine or suspend Miller. It’s not right Talib is punished but not Miller, if his violation can be verified. Looking at the video, it’s not quite as convincing as Talib’s but pretty close.)

We live in a time when acts of violence in society and this world are all too common and seemingly accepted too easily. People are shot and killed every day, muggings happen everywhere. There doesn’t seem to be much any of us can do to change that. But I don’t want to sit down to watch my favorite sports team and see acts like these. It’s not why I watch the game. And it’s not needed. Pro football is great, it’s on top of everyone’s list. But if acts like Talib and Miller happen more frequently, the NFL may risk falling off the mountain.

At least in this fan’s mind.

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