I know, I know: Just write it already, right?

OK, I need to start paying attention to my calendar reminders. I mean, they’re there for a reason, right?

It’s hard to believe it was a month ago that I last posted something here. Not that I’ve been slacking or sleeping in.Procrastination 2 (Well, maybe a few days. But only after I had been extra busy. I swear.) I’ve been using the past month to do a couple of things.

One, and most importantly, I’ve taken some computer classes at the local library to help add new skills to my professional repertoire. Several Excel classes were helpful. Practice sessions to get used to the program’s quirks, bells and whistles. Excel

As I’ve been telling folks I’ve recently met, lifelong learning is important. Just living each day can be a learning experience, and often is just that. Sometimes we don’t really like that day’s lesson, but in the long run, I think we all become better people. So learning the ins and outs of Excel – especially since I’m a words person, not a numbers person – has been satisfying.

So instead of tapping on this keyboard as much as I maybe should, I’ve been learning formulas and functions. And I hope to continue to master this program and others, following the philosophy of knowing many things but mastering none. Although you never know…Learn 2I’ve also attended some professional development workshops, one of which was very helpful. To be honest, most of the advice job seekers such as myself hear and read seems to be either common sense or common knowledge. And they are different, you know. But this last one actually gave us something I’d not heard or considered before and it seemed to make a difference in an interview last week. (Sorry, don’t want to share a secret that may give someone else a chance at beating me out of a job…)

I guess I’ve also subconsciously refrained from writing just because that’s something I think I’ve become pretty darned good at and don’t need the constant practice. Maybe that’s the wrong mindset. The more you do something, the better you get. At least that’s the theory, right? Learn 1At any rate, I should pay more attention when the “blog post” reminder pops up on the screen each week. After all, it’s what I do and what I want to continue to do. So that’s my pledge to myself and those of you who take the time to read my scribblin’s.

Unless my fantasy football team needs some attention, of course…

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