Wyoming may be pretty flat, but there’s still plenty to see

It all depends on your perspective.

As I wrote in my last blog, I took a weekend trip through Wyoming to Billings, Montana for my nephew’s high school graduation and wanted to take the opportunity to try to hone my photography skills. Since we ended up driving more than 1,100 miles, there weren’t too many opportunities to explore for unique shots along the way.

I came back with mostly scenery shots taken with my little Kodak point and shoot and cell phone cameras that didn’t turn out bad, IMHO. Still learning some tricks with my photo software, so will probably get better formatting results the more I use it. I’m interested in what you think, so feel free to comment.

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2 thoughts on “Wyoming may be pretty flat, but there’s still plenty to see

  1. yeah — who o meeng ~ depends to some degree on how green it is, and time of day. like, living where i do (close to whitewater, colorawdough) — even the Stinking Desert (between GJ & Delta) looks almost inviting during sunrise/sunset ~


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