Writing can be a pain in the neck (and back, and wrists, and…)

Whatever profession you choose, there are downsides. The goal is to choose one you’re good at and enjoy enough to put up with those bothersome, even unhealthy, consequences.

For a writer such as myself, carpal tunnel syndrome (which I have not inflicted on myself to this point) may be the most prevalent health-related concern. Not to mention monetarily. If I can’t type or write, it might be “Hello, welcome to WalMart” for the rest of my working career.

But I hope I’ve taken action to help lessen the pain in the neck sitting for hours in front of this computer screen can cause by cobbling together a stand-up computer desk.

My desk

I was motivated to finally try to do something by a colleague who posted a photo on her Facebook page of a much more inventive hopeful solution.

Blog desk 5

She used Pepsi crates, while I was lucky enough to have a couple small, sturdy tables. One of them was bought through a catalog about 10-15 years ago to hold an old TV. It has my keyboard and mouse. The other table is even better, although it isn’t adjustable, either. But the height seems to be working just fine, after I put a cardboard box under the monitor. The base table is one of those fold-out camping tables, but it has been sturdy enough.

I can’t say for certain I didn’t spend any more than I would have if I’d bought a manufactured stand-up desk, but I like to be a little inventive from time to time. As you see from these photos, other people were of a like mind.

I also recently downloaded an app called Workrave that lets you set alarms to tell you to get up and move around after an hour or so, so you’re not sitting and staring at your monitor for hours on end. I wish I had known about it many years ago.

Whether all this helps my neck, we’ll see. It makes sense that it should and from what I read, more and more people with a better understanding of what sitting all day long does to your health are getting on board the stand-up bandwagon.

I’d be interested in hearing what you think and might have done along these lines.

4 thoughts on “Writing can be a pain in the neck (and back, and wrists, and…)

  1. I’m absolutely terrible at getting up and moving around a bit while I’m working. I know I should do it, so I try to set alarms on my phone or find natural breaks where I get up and do some small task around the house. I tend to get really engrossed in what I’m doing though, so my tricks don’t always work.

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    1. You should definitely check out Workrave, Heidi. I was in the same boat, sitting for hours without realizing it. When the pop up screen comes up, it’s hard to ignore because you know you should do what it says! Check it out.


  2. I have two computers that I regularly use at home, a desktop and laptop, and I have all of my work saved in various Cloud-based services that are easy to access (Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive, especially). Periodically, I switch between them, which forces me to me move around. Taking frequent breaks, like doing small chores around the house or making a quick snack, also helps to keep from staying trapped at my computer desk.

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    1. Good habits to get into. I think it’s good to step away from the computer for at least 5 minutes each hour, longer is better. Anything that gets us moving around at times.


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