Getting into this video/photography thing a little more

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Mike McKibbin

Several months ago (too many, really) I set out on a professional quest to take my career to a next stage. I’m still hoping to find that stage. Job searches are so much more competitive than they were back in the day, and in my chosen profession – writing and storytelling – it’s all about multimedia storytelling these days.

In the spirit of trying to become more of a jack-of-all-trades (and hopefully not a master of none) I’ve done a little research into video storytelling and will try to use an upcoming weekend trek to Billings, Montana to flex these still-developing skills. I don’t have fancy, expensive cameras and lights – just a Kodak EasyShare C340 that I haven’t really used in a while. And a cell phone that doesn’t produce very good photos as a backup. The results might be fairly amateurish, but I’ve seen many a YouTube video that doesn’t look very professional get thousands, even millions of views. Continue reading “Getting into this video/photography thing a little more”

Writing can be a pain in the neck (and back, and wrists, and…)

Whatever profession you choose, there are downsides. The goal is to choose one you’re good at and enjoy enough to put up with those bothersome, even unhealthy, consequences.

For a writer such as myself, carpal tunnel syndrome (which I have not inflicted on myself to this point) may be the most prevalent health-related concern. Not to mention monetarily. If I can’t type or write, it might be “Hello, welcome to WalMart” for the rest of my working career.

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