Dump the draft coverage, give us more Tebow

For many fans of the NFL, this may be the second most exciting time of year, behind only the start of the regular season or watching the Super Bowl.

But, like a lot of what the NFL does, it’s overdone.

Yes, the annual college player draft is important for every team. Getting good, young players who can help make your team better is crucial to success. All the homework, film (although it’s not really film, is it?) study, interviews with players and coaches and seemingly everyone a player has met in his entire life to this point can likely be justified.

KiperIt’s the coverage, mostly on TV, that I don’t think is warranted. Mainly because picking the right player is pretty much a crap shoot for every team. It comes down to luck in a lot of cases. No one can guarantee any player will turn out to be the one that puts a franchise over the top and brings home the Lombardi trophies. Just think of all the Ryan Leafs and JaMarcus Russells who crashed and burned.

So watching these so-called “draft experts” go on and on for months on end about the abilities, background and character flaws of this player and that player really makes for “never-watch” TV. Who do these guys think they’re kidding? And stop with all the “mock” drafts. Waste of time.

I know millions of fans will disagree with me. That’s fine; it’s a free country. I just think there are better ways we could be spending our time. And this my blog.

I’m much more interested in seeing who was picked by which team the next day rather than sit and listen to all these pontificators and prognosticators babble on beforehand.  I can do my own research and reach my own conclusions. It’s the constant barrage of commentary, dressed up as “expert” opinion, that I always avoid.

So I won’t be watching the draft, again. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested. Just wish the NFL would take a step back on some things. And don’t get me started on the combine, aka the “underwear Olympics.”

Courtesy drewlitton.com.
Courtesy drewlitton.com.

Instead, what the NFL should do is focus more attention on a lot of the positive people, events and programs it either runs or helps promote. For example, I’m very interested in the latest attempt by Tim Tebow to restart his quarterback career. James Merilatt of Mile High Sports wrote a very well thought out column about why we should care.

I always get goose bumps when I see Tebow’s 80-yard touchdown pass to Demariyus Thomas on the first play of overtime in the 2011 playoffs. What a fun ride that season was for the Broncos!

Tebow Eagles mugAnd I can’t help but root for someone with such a positive, all-American personality. It baffles me why some seem to hate Tebow. Granted, his passing skills have so far left much to be desired, but who says he can’t improve? Now that he’s signed with the Eagles, I’m rooting like heck he shows that improvement, makes the team and brings some excitement to the game. Like he did with Denver.

Last season was not kind to the NFL in terms of positive publicity off the field. Why not put the league’s considerable PR machine to work promoting the positive on the field? I would much rather hear how Tebow is doing in his quest than what some guy on a TV sound stage thinks about a young college graduate who still has some growing up to do.

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