Learning to embrace change

Embrace or Reject ChangeAs I continue to work towards the next step in my professional life, I’ve come to realize that while change may be inevitable, it usually happens from something outside our direct control.

You get a new boss who changes the culture and procedures at your job, your kids grow up, cars break down, the rules change. Usually, you have some control over how change affects you directly. You can quit your job if you don’t like your new boss or buy a new car that doesn’t break down. Don’t think you can do much about your kids growing up. Have more? I don’t think you want to keep on that road forever, although it seems like some people do.

A lot of people don’t like change, maybe for just the reasons I mentioned. Since we live in a country that highly values freedom, including choice, we like to think we have control over our lives. To some extent, we do. But not total control. Maybe that’s a good thing, too. Some people get complacent, maybe including yours truly, and a change can be just what they need.

Change 2It is frustrating when you want to make a change but are stymied for whatever reason. Those are usually beyond your control, too, but taking extra steps to reach your goal or make the change you want is something you can put more effort into making a reality.

And they say the journey is what makes the trip worthwhile, so bring on the change!

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