Dump the draft coverage, give us more Tebow

For many fans of the NFL, this may be the second most exciting time of year, behind only the start of the regular season or watching the Super Bowl.

But, like a lot of what the NFL does, it’s overdone.

Yes, the annual college player draft is important for every team. Getting good, young players who can help make your team better is crucial to success. All the homework, film (although it’s not really film, Continue reading “Dump the draft coverage, give us more Tebow”

What’s going on with Denver housing costs, salaries?

I did not expect to be in the same place more than six months after moving across Colorado, back to my home town. I thought I’d be able to find a job that would allow me to either buy or rent a place in about half that time.
But this strange, out of control Denver economy fooled me.
I read with great interest every story about area home prices, apartment rental rates and how many jobs are being created in the metro area. Until recently, I thought the jobs stories were missing an important point: the vast majority of the jobs don’t pay enough Continue reading “What’s going on with Denver housing costs, salaries?”

Learning to embrace change

Embrace or Reject ChangeAs I continue to work towards the next step in my professional life, I’ve come to realize that while change may be inevitable, it usually happens from something outside our direct control.

You get a new boss who changes the culture and procedures at your job, your kids grow up, cars break down, the rules change. Usually, you have some control over how change affects you Continue reading “Learning to embrace change”