Here’s to IDIC: Remembering Mr. Spock

“Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.”

Is there any better way of summing up what most people want to see society and the world adopt as a common goal? Think about it. Taking – or better, borrowing – something that’s worked well for someone else and adding it to another something that’s had the same effect elsewhere.

I can’t think of anything else that sums up as well what people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted to see happen in this country and on earth. And aside from those who align with terrorists, hate groups and the like, that would include nearly all of this world’s 7 billion people, I’d venture.

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Walk on: An inspiring story about people helping someone in need

I used to walk to work most days for about a decade. It wasn’t a great distance, about a half mile from home to work. But I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise, after sitting all day in front of a computer and on the phone.

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