“Who” is what matters: Good or bad?

The worlds of sports and news, news and sports, seem to be more and more blurred. Whether something is a sports or news story is just one more thing that’s changed over the last several decades.

I’m not quite old enough to remember when sports writers would refrain from running certain stories that put a popular owner or player in a bad light. At least that’s what I’ve read was the case back in the “good ol’ days,” before we became a nation of information gluttons. As one who was schooled and taught Continue reading ““Who” is what matters: Good or bad?”

Public lands transfer movement watched closely

Forest 1There has been a growing awareness and attention paid in recent months to a movement among many Western states to transfer millions of acres of federally owned public lands to the states.

The American Lands Council, based in Utah, is leading the effort, arguing that it would improve public access, generate more economic growth and better protect the environment. The group cites the fact that most public lands in the Eastern part of the country are locally managed, but not in the Western states, as they say the U.S. Constitution requires and America’s founders intended. Continue reading “Public lands transfer movement watched closely”