Who needs resolutions? It’s all about striving to be the best you can be

Resolutions2I haven’t really been one to make resolutions. It seems like a process designed to fail. Unless you have a super ability to dedicate yourself to what are usually very challenging changes.

Not that I should – and usually don’t – shy away from change. It’s just that the start of a new year is really just a date on the calendar. If that’s what someone needs to motivate them to change something, then I guess that’s fine. It just seems kind of arbitrary.

At any rate, the new year is a time to wonder what might happen in one’s life. If someone would have said at the start of 2014 that I would make the changes I have, I would have wondered what they had been sipping. But changes came my way and I’m coping as well as I can, with the help of family and friends. I guess that’s about the best you can expect.

And just because I don’t make resolutions doesn’t mean I can’t improve myself. Lord knows I can and should. My move across state has led me further away from one vice, so I’m better off in that respect. That’s a positive outcome from an unexpected but accepted change.

Resolutions3.ashxSince no one (I hope) makes resolutions that cause them to be less than what they are now, the outcome can often seem unreachable. Or it’s something that just takes too much time, money, effort, etc. Or something happens that interferes with the resolution. Something with your family, friends, job, health. Any number of things can derail the best intentions.

I guess the challenge we all face as human beings is to constantly strive to be and do the best we can be. Be a good friend, good husband or wife, employee, sister or brother. Try to get along with others, being tolerant and accepting of differences. Work to make your world – and the world as a whole – the best it can be by being the best “you.”

So if you’re the resolving type, that’s fine. I wish you best of luck making them all come to fruition.

Me, I’ll just keep putting one foot in front of the other, all the while looking to be the best I can be as I move down the road we call life.

Happy trails.

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

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