A season of change

holidays1Sometimes, change just happens. Other times, it’s suddenly in front of you and you have to go along for the ride.

I’d have to say this year has been the later for yours truly. I always figured I’d have to leave the friendly community of Rifle, Colo. sometime. A combination of professional and personal situations led me to quit a job I really liked (until things changed, naturally…), sell my little house, pack up and move across the state to the familiar – but also changed – Front Range of Colorado.

For the last several months of the year, my time has been consumed by job hunting and trying to make contacts in a place where nearly everyone I knew long ago is in a different place. Geographically or otherwise. So it’s almost been like starting a second life, on a personal and a career level.

I’ve mostly been in good moods, only occasionally getting frustrated with the lack of a steady income. But thanks to home sale proceeds and family, I haven’t had to worry too much financially. Yet. I know I’m lucky in that respect. I’ve learned through past experience that finding a job is really the toughest job you can have. But I’m confident I’ll persevere and will continue to explore options.

This time of year is also when we take stock of our blessings and those help keep me going, too. Friends I made over my nearly two decades in Rifle and try to keep in touch with, and those I’ve reconnected with on this side of Colorado have been supportive. Family members have done even more and I love them all for being there. It sounds cliché and I guess it is, but I have a roof over my head and food to eat, so do I really have much to complain about? I don’t think so.

strugglesAs always, there are dark clouds on the horizon in this great country and this fragile blue marble we call earth. When haven’t there been? While troubling, I’ve always been a glass half-full kind of guy and usually have faith that humankind will survive, if only to perhaps see Gene Roddenberry’s vision come to pass. One can dream, right?

So to all who pause to read this, I hope you take a minute and think about where you are, what you have to be thankful for and remember to appreciate your friends, family and fellow human beings.

That’s really all any of us have in our lifetimes.

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