Who needs resolutions? It’s all about striving to be the best you can be

Resolutions2I haven’t really been one to make resolutions. It seems like a process designed to fail. Unless you have a super ability to dedicate yourself to what are usually very challenging changes.

Not that I should – and usually don’t – shy away from change. It’s just that the start of a new year is really just a date on the calendar. If that’s what someone needs to motivate them to change something, then I guess that’s fine. It just seems kind of arbitrary.

At any rate, the new year is a time to wonder what might happen in one’s life. If someone would have said at the start of 2014 that I would make the changes I have, I would have wondered what they had been sipping. But changes came my way and I’m coping as well as I can, with the help of family and friends. I guess that’s about the best you can expect.

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A season of change

holidays1Sometimes, change just happens. Other times, it’s suddenly in front of you and you have to go along for the ride.

I’d have to say this year has been the later for yours truly. I always figured I’d have to leave the friendly community of Rifle, Colo. sometime. A combination of professional and personal situations led me to quit a job I really liked (until things changed, naturally…), sell my little house, pack up and move across the state to the familiar – but also changed – Front Range of Colorado.

For the last several months of the year, my time has been consumed by job hunting and trying to make contacts in a place where nearly everyone I knew long ago is in a different place. Geographically or otherwise. So it’s almost been like starting a second life, on a personal and a career level. Continue reading “A season of change”

A sequel in the offing for Denver’s newspaper readers? Probably not

rmnAll us old school journalists felt our hearts skip a beat at the recent news that Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz may want to resurrect the Rocky Mountain News, the Denver daily newspaper that ceased operation in 2009 after nearly 150 years of publication.

Another Rocky II?

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Roan Plateau settlement: Final or not? Who won? Who lost?

Roan Plateau RainbowThe Roan Plateau, in a way, is the best of both worlds. And therein lies the problem.

Rising about 3,500 feet above Rifle and Parachute in Western Colorado, with the Colorado River near its base, the plateau is rich in both energy and natural resources. The plateau and surrounding lands may hold about 15.4 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable natural gas on federal, state and private lands.
Conflicts arise over the use of the more than 73,000 acres of lands on and around the Roan because Continue reading “Roan Plateau settlement: Final or not? Who won? Who lost?”