Rushing to fix things doesn’t solve problems

We live in a world that almost always demands things happen now. Not later. Not tomorrow. Not next month or next year.


Too many times, that leads to unexpected or unwelcome consequences because things aren’t thought through. From text messages and tweets that should never have been sent without taking time to think it through to life changing decisions that backfire, we’ve all seen – and likely experienced first hand – the negative impacts we don’t see coming.

The world of sports is where you can see such decisions and consequences almost daily. Denver Broncos fans, of which I have been a card-carrying member since the days of my young adulthood, have wanted to see their beloved team sign new players and fire the head coach after a couple of recent loses.

While I have started to have serious concerns about the logic of continuing to employ John Fox and staff, what is the likely outcome if the team changes horses now? The season is almost three-quarters of the way over. What good can a new coach do over the course of five or six more games? Will his system suddenly make Broncos players super human, incapable of mistakes? No. A new system now will only doom Denver to a lackluster finish, likely far short of their desired goal of “Super Bowl or bust.” Think, people.

Likewise, bringing in a new offensive lineman to shore up what appears to be one of the team’s biggest weaknesses will only create more confusion on the line. There just isn’t time for someone to come in, learn what’s said to be a very complicated offense, get into playing shape if they’re been out of the game for a while and make a positive contribution.

Picking a player

As someone in public life once said, “stay the course.” The Broncos are still one of the better teams in the NFL, even if they haven’t played up to what we fans have likely expected. Unfairly expected, I would add. Last year spoiled us and we seem to have forgotten how tough this year’s schedule is compared to last year. Yes, they played a bad game against the Rams, a team they should have beaten fairly easily.

But rushing to judgement and adding a piece here or there will only make things worse. I’d like to see Denver return their offensive line to last year’s configuration, or as close as possible, in terms of positions. Remember, Denver had a 1,000-yard runner last year. Asking three of your five (or six) blockers to switch positions in mid-season isn’t likely to work. Another case of not thinking things through and maybe a little panic by the coaching staff.

Rocking the boat just for the sake of making a change doesn’t seem to be a sound strategy in any line of work, football, politics or business. But that does seem to be the world we live in today.

thinkPeople everywhere need to be more thoughtful, considerate and insightful, think of others and hopefully do what’s right, not just react and rush to judgement and blame.

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