Reconnecting and connecting

We’ve all heard the saying, “you can’t go home again.” I’ve never fully understood what that meant, since I’ve always been welcome when I go back to places I grew up or lived. Or got in touch with people from my past.

This week was a case in point. I reconnected, through the magic of social media, with a good friend from my college days. It was great catching up and spending time with someone who I had a lot of things in common with and shared good times. We’ve traveled different journeys in life, but still welcomed the chance to reminisce and get caught up.

Friends FingersI also sat down for lunch with another friend I hadn’t seen in quite some time, but had kept in touch – again through social media – much more frequently. He’s in a position to hopefully help me in my latest turn on life’s trail, but he’s also a good friend.

As I continue to learn new skills and try to take my career in a new direction, I think it’s helpful to have some solid ground to anchor me as I go forward. At times, I may need a little support and encouragement and I know I have that to help. If I were doing this totally alone, it would be even more daunting that it seems.

I think one of life’s truest statements is about coming into this world alone and leaving it alone. But all the in between time is what makes each life different. I’m glad I’ve used mine to make the friends I have.

Writing 2

A nice start, I think…

I suppose as new endeavors go, my foray into the blogosphere (is that term still used?) went OK. My first blog drew a few likes, so at least a few people read it. It’s encouraging to get any kind of positive feedback. Or feedback of any kind, since I can use it to hopefully create more interesting blog posts, attract more readers and get my messages out to the masses.

Or something like that. Like I said, blogging is new to me and I hope to combine it with other social media outlets to promote my professional skills and abilities, as well as highlight ongoing projects and tell interesting stories.

The journey continues, as they say….

First steps, next steps

A couple of months ago, I decided it was time I made some changes in my career and life. Two of the most time-consuming, sleep-losing, life-changing things any one goes through.

Part of those changes was learning some new skills, which is where this blog comes in. I’m taking an online college class on social media and how to use them to promote yourself and others. As a longtime, admitted “old school” journalist for some time, it’s taking time getting used to this new world, this new approach to telling stories and promoting my skills.

So here we are. I’m trying to develop things like branding, content management, the use of images and which networks – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. – can help get the word out on what I can do to help me make a living. It’s been good to be learning something again.

In time, hopefully soon, you’ll start to see what I’m talking about and I’ll be able to take these new skills and new outlets, combine them with what I’ve gained over my career so far, and see where I end up.

As they say, life is a journey. This is another part of my adventure.